Johannesburg: Farmers Market in Pictures

I love Johannesburg. I won’t lie, whenever I’m here, food is always on my mind. It doesn’t help that my sister has always encouraged me to eat to my hearts content every time I visit. Yesterday we decided to go to the Fourways Farmers Market, and it wasn’t any different. I’m sure the farmers market concept started in Cape Town, with the Old Biscuit Mill, WHICH I LOVE, and has now found its way to Johannesburg, WHICH I’M GRATEFUL FOR.

Discovering the Fourways Farmers Market is just another reason I love food. It was something I could look forward to. This was a first for me and a first for some of my friends and we all loved it. Not just the food, but the company, the atmosphere, the people, the music and the drinks.

I’ll say its the perfect way to wind down your weekend. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to experience this, in what always feels like such a short stay.

Out here you can find all types of cuisine. From proudly South African to Turkish, to Lebanese to Thai to Belgian and the list goes on. I can’t say I know what cuisine I settled for, but it was a delightful mix of chicken, mozzarella, watermelon and iced tea? So because sometimes pictures are better than words, I decided to capture this day in more than words and share some pictures on the blog.

Tip: Gin and Pimms is the answer.

 All this in one fine day. I’ll definitely be going back! How was your weekend?


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