Because it’s Friday

it’s been a long week so i’m happy to be writing something today. it’s been a week that hasn’t given me more than twenty minutes to my self. i always want to create something with meaning, something that paints a picture. with so much happening i’ve barely found time to sit down to write. i shared my sister with you last week, we have her memorial coming up which has taken away my focus. a close friend lost her dad, we’ll be burying him tomorrow, so there’s that too. another friend of mine is turning 25 soon, and i’m all hands on deck planning her celebration. it’s been a busy week but balancing everyone’s needs with my own has been quite easy. i find that if everything i do is aligned, to one i’m most content. when I’m active, even during times where there’s no routine, i’m content. i do prefer routines though.

i tried something on Wednesday evening. i’d just had my longest day thus far and i still had to get through one more meeting. everything started feeling so loud and strained internally. it wasn’t like a chaos within my chest but i felt myself on the verge of a burn out. keeping in mind its only Wednesday, i sat in silence and shut down every thought to search for a calmness. in silence i kept my mind from any thought that was out of my control. i didn’t think it was possible until i managed to silence my mind in that moment. on my twitter i’d started sharing tips of things to do daily to encourage anyone to focus on self and growth. on Thursday morning, still reeling from my cure, i tweeted, “train your mind to let go of what you can’t control today.” reaching a peaceful state in a moment has inspired me to write a note to self on peace and light which i promise to share soon.

being so busy this week, i thought maybe what i’d do is write more generally today instead of focusing one idea. this was also a suggestion from my sister who called it a life update. so quick update. i started a 28 day detox on Monday. nothing crazy, just herbal teas before breakfast and at bedtime. i live for a good detox. my favourites are juice detoxes. if anyone would like me to, i can share a few tasty recipes on here. these are the best for me to cleanse my body as opposed to say dieting. i’d much rather focus on finding a lifestyle that works full time. it helps that i generally don’t like eating fast foods or a lot of carbs. cake is the weakness but it helps that i enjoy working out. the only other thing that makes me feel more alive than a good work out is travelling and the good news is that i’m in the middle of planning my next holiday. i won’t give away the destination yet but i’m so excited!

i’ve started visualising places i’d like to see, different types of characters i’d want to interact with, and situations i wish to be in. i’m working on creating a vision board. these have been helpful since i can remember. some people prefer just words, some both words and pictures and others find just pictures are enough. blogging for example helps me focus, discover and free my mind. i re-read posts from time to time to internalise the thoughts i share. because I’m aware that it’s easy to get sidetracked when you’re working towards a purpose. i want to take this a step further by creating two vision boards digitally then gradually printing out the images i’m creating online. i’ve already picked a wall in my room that i first thought i would turn in to a wall of words, for my affirmations, but i like the idea of turning it in to a vision wall.

one last thing I want to share today. i learnt something new. this is always fun for me. i learnt that when a situation asks me to surrender myself or steers me away from a goal i’ve set, its too expensive. we’re often focused on being “good” people that we can sometimes stand in our own way. by focusing on being “good” we tend to do things that we may not want to and find ourselves lost in the sauce. that’s a cost that’s too high. we’re driven by an idea that we want these things, so we make a number of sacrifices to have them or to keep them around. it’s just that as long as whatever it is, is asking us to lose who we are or what we value, its not worth it. in theory what i learnt was to let go of the idea that sometimes being a “good” person will have adverse effects on my life. nothing that’s good for you will ask you to compromise yourself.


5 thoughts on “Because it’s Friday

  1. I thought it was only me that likes routines, cause you are able to program your mind. Hmmm that’s how I see it.
    This vision board has to come to life, keep pushing me & il do the same. – turning dreams into reality! Keep going Noxy, absolutely love your posts! 💛

  2. Hey!! I just recently started reading your blog and I’m obsessed to say the least! I’m always watching these YouTube routines and what not cause like you I like routines and I’m on a self discovery trip as well but end up being side tracked orfeel like it’s not worth it; which it is I’m just struggling with self love and putting myself first! :so any tips would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for doing your blog cause it’s helping me a lot
    I’m a person who’s living a different life mentally but not real life so the motivation I get from this is amazing!

    Keep shining ‘

    1. Your comment has really touched me, thank you. And thank you for reading. I will think up top tips that have helped me and share them here with you. Everything is a process, when you understand that you believe that you just have to embrace it and take it all a step at a time. Find anything that encourages you and trust yourself 😊 xo

  3. “train your mind to let go of what you can’t control today.” – I definitely need to take this up! Explains why even if I sleep early I wake up tired because my mind never shuts down! Im planning a much needed holiday which I hope will give me downtime and not send my mind into panic mode for the new year! x

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