On Peace, Light and Love

Dear Self,

I want you to know that beautiful bright light that shines through your window every morning, will always be there. The sunshine may often disappear but just like joy, trust that she will be back in the morning.

I know that these three are the most important cornerstones for you and I’m grateful for you having learnt to cherish them as though they are all you have. Keep it up.

During times when they haven’t felt constant, I applaud you for holding on to the moments when they have.

Peace especially isn’t a permanent state, existing in a moment, you will experience her in moments. Keep your eyes open.

Breathe. Love starts with you. Always, all ways.

You have so much magic in you. Find a way to live in that magic while finding love, and you will not go unseen.

Everything you encounter is making your world brighter. There will be more Peace, more Light, more Love.




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