10 Days To Christmas

One thing that makes me anxious is the holiday season. With all the parties, traveling, shopping, food, temptations, I find the festive season stressful. Staying on top of my goals, especially health and fitness ones, is usually a recipe for failure. In the past, when I’ve been in the middle of a fitness routine and a holiday comes along, I tell myself I won’t slip up, but then I do. And in a major way. Hopefully not this year. It’s 10 days to Christmas and I’ve come up with 10 count down tips to incorporate in to my daily routine to try and be a little healthier this year. A gift for my health.


meditate. get your mind in focus.


set realistic goals. you’re going to eventually end up indulging in a few more carbs than you intend on, so ask yourself what meals you can substitute or when you can find time for a quick workout. map this out effectively.


partner up. find someone with the same mind frame as you.


stay on track.


just say no.


snack in sneakers. do something that keeps you active.


stay hydrated. water, smoothies etc.


go easy on carbs.

Christmas Eve

just use a small plate.

Christmas Day

enjoy but think twice before seconds.

After Christmas, I don’t know. Repeat?


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