Taste: Dubai

Food is an essential part of every trip. 14 days in Dubai and my last night was all about Middle Eastern food. One thing I like about Dubai is that because its an international destination, there’s a wide variety of cuisines. Every where you go out to eat could be you visiting a different country. Its always that good. What I noticed though was despite visiting on multiple occasions, I had never really tried Middle Eastern cuisine. This made it important for me to do so. So we chose Mezza House  in Downtown Dubai as our spot for our Arabic cultural experience.

Located along one of Dubai’s most beautiful boulevards, featuring stunning views of the Burj Khalifa, it was a good choice. Since I was looking forward to experiencing everything, choosing off the menu was comical. Our waiter had to stop and say “okay that’s enough starter portions, why don’t you now pick main.” My idea though was because there were two of us, why not have a variety of dishes to share? Which we did. Lentil soup with crisp Moroccan bread, Fattoush’na, a crunchy lemon and pomegranate flavoured salad, Bamieh Bel Zait, a soft okra dish with mixed herbs, Hummus (you should never leave Hummus out and theirs is the best in town) and then a Mezza mixed grill platter.

I want to tell you that I smoked shisha through the night, but having done so much of that on the days leading up to this one, my throat had taken a recess. What I enjoyed instead, was their Moroccan tea. I still remember its flavour. A sweet minty bubblegum taste.


I found it was a very relaxed atmosphere, which I really enjoyed. The music is Arabic of course, but soft and smooth. They’ll sing to you on your birthday too. Two blissful hours, chatting, laughing and to top it all off eating. If you ever choose to visit Dubai, Middle Eastern cuisine is a must.


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