4am thoughts

4:07, my mind is up. there’s been a lot to think about lately.

why would anyone other than me be in a position to tell me if i’m on the right path?

i will teach her how it takes time, it takes patience, consistency, diligence. how it takes motivation, triumph and failure. i will talk to her about approval, about perfection and bravery. i will teach her responsibility and how its okay to make mistakes. teach her the importance of forgiveness and healing. we’ll talk about God, through Him, she’ll learn to follow her inner guidance, to never lose her sacred energy or give up her power.

like a mirror, our relationship will reflect. we’ll walk together. she’ll never have to run miles, trade in her excellence or trap herself in mediocrity for my approval. i will show her the value of choice. when not to outsource her decisions. when to say yes, or say no. i will encourage her not to resist her path but to keep walking until she’s found it. to search for opportunities that make her smile. these are the ones that will keep making her a better version of herself.

i want her to find her worth in the voice she has to offer to the world. to understand confidence. gratitude. honesty. that fear is insignificant. who she is, is not made up of who she is not. i will let her know that life will test her. but her growth will not be measured by linear progression. people will fail her. some days will be heavy, when she feels as if she’s constantly at war. she should protect herself, even with tears, and retreat slowly in peace.

i will pray that she’ll always make room for love. in moments of anxiety, in places where those words are not spoken. when i tell her to unite with her sisters, she’ll let them feel her warmth. she’ll need them to help her clean out her closet. if she ever falls for a man who will want her to take up his baggage, it is my hope she won’t feel lost in his words. i’ll be there to encourage her to trust her intuition.

when i have a daughter i will pray she will grow well in her soul, because i will teach her everyday to protect her sacredness in all the ways i know how.

she won’t be up at 4am, wondering if she’s on the right path.


2 thoughts on “4am thoughts

  1. That’s beautiful. I gave birth a couple of months ago to a baby girl and recently, I’ve been thinking about how much I have to teach her and how I’ll go about doing it.

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