Three Simple Truths


i’m guilty of taking what people say to heart — even when i’m told this has nothing to do with me personally. it’s an ongoing lesson trying to separate the words from the actions, the actions from fear and so on.

confession: i’m sensitive.

but most of the time what people say is simply a reflection of who they are.

the only thing you can do is focus on the one thing you do have control over — yourself.

one of the biggest reasons we think loving someone can be so hard is because it’s an ego check. not too long ago i was having a conversation, and out of nowhere there was conflict. let this serve as a humble reminder that men can be provocative. naturally my first instinct was to protect myself. i knew i had the option to be silent or express that i was hurt, but instead i thought of a response that would feed my ego and hurt them too.

this will happen to you when not-so-positive vibes come your way and you’re missing a strong sense of self.

can you reason soundly?

evidence of another’s wrong does not make you right. defending your misstep will only feed your ego— leaving you lost.

can you handle conflict without perceiving it as rejection?


validity is the only real reason we do anything. of course, you always have the option of staying in your comfort zone but nothing will happen there.

it’s the same in love.

you can only get what you’re willing to open yourself up to. this is why its necessary to become comfortable with being uncomfortably vulnerable in order to receive whats yours— ironic.

there are two harmful things we do that prevent us from love. we tend to,

  1. overestimate the probability of something going wrong.
  2. exaggerate the consequences of what might happen when something does go wrong.

the truth is, i’ve made my fair share of mistakes. i’ve done and said things that still make me cringe.

life has thrown many curveballs my way too. there have been many times i’ve felt afraid of what’s next. but through it all, i’ve never put love on hold.


whenever you feel broken, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power. 

there is beauty in ashes. the beauty that comes with discovering love in spaces that once harboured pain.

realising this is a process that will be anything but normal.

i’ve let go of so many things and i’ve gotten into this not so good habit of doing so in silence.

but you can’t help but to believe God, if no one else, will walk you through everything you’re meant for.



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