Love At The Palazzo

It’s taken a little longer than I expected to put this one up but you know what its like waiting for photographers to send you pictures then having to figure out much of what you want to say. But finally here it is! The high tea experience at the Palazzo in Monte Casino for my dear friends Crown Birthday. I must say I was excited to share this one, I wanted you guys to see these pictures, because oh my the pictures captured the beauty of the afternoon, had me ready to sign up for a life that’s a series of dressing up, attending events, taking photos and doing it all over again!

I never knew that traditionally in South Africa, the year that corresponds to the date of your birthday is referred to as your “crown birthday”. So when you turn 28 on the 28th what do you do? You bring your family and friends together, tell them about queens, high teas, hats and fascinators and pull out no stops. Every single thing about this crown celebration was heaven, just total bliss. A rare moment in life where the presence of love fills the room. It brought me to tears. And I’m not thaaaat much of a crier. But one thing that gets me every time is an abundance of love.


So how does a Queen do opulence? Meticulously of course.

Have a look for yourself..


Yay a guilt free cheat day!




“She’s the kind of Queen that knows her crown is not only on her head but in her soul”


Photography by Sandrine Kossi
Instagram: @sandrinekossi

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