Blooming in May


I’ve always found that I’m grateful when April comes to an end. It’s always seemingly filled with a lot of loss and uncomfortable shifts. Emotionally I’ve been spent, physically drained and all in all I’ve felt kind of lost. Kind of like my life chose to embrace the proverb “April showers bring May flowers” in its most literal form. For the past few days I’ve been meditating on a few written affirmations, one of which being “in His time”. About once a month I write down everything I’m trying to attain. And I’m brutally honest with my self about whatever that may be. Even if its something considerably laughable like wanting a drone or to meet someone I follow online. Its a strategy that has helped me focus on things I want to do in each present moment. Another thing I do is ditch any counter productive feelings with a challenge that addresses my current state of mind. I’ll be doing four different challenges through May hoping to create space for me to thrive, and press forward, regardless of what the past held, or what the future holds.

Allow yourself the same. I hope it’ll teach you something about yourself.



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