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Because it’s my birthday month, I’ve chosen to do a little blog challenge. From today until the 31st of July, there’ll be something new to read on here under a special tab I’ve added, “July Challenge” so if you miss a day, you’ll know exactly where you can catch up. It’ll be something different every day. Some stories may be shorter than others, a little embarrassing, vulnerable or even funny. I must admit that I’m a bit nervous going in to this. Committing to having something up for you to read every day will not be an easy feat. But it’ll be a captivating way for me to start a new year. It’s my hope that this can be engaging. So please share the posts you enjoy, feel free to ask questions and laugh with or at me. 

Day 1 is blog name. I may have hinted at this in my about section here but Nokuthula Notes forms part of a journey. The space I have created to navigate who I am growing in to. It’s why I chose to include “notes” as part of the name instead of say my last name for example. I wanted the blog to focus on the thoughts I note down in my most honest moments but it was quite the process choosing what to name the blog. When I first had the idea to get back in to writing, I knew I wanted something that would speak to who I am but also something that would capture a maturing phase of my life.

If you ever have the chance to look through the notes application on my phone, which by the way is a highly unlikely possibility, there are endless words, stories, quotes and pieces of poetry I write down or save every other day. I own more than five journals and probably four notebooks. Noting things down is how I get by, so the name of the blog had to represent this. It had to be something that genuinely spoke to me and my habits. I almost chose Noxy’s notes or Notes by Noxy because I’ve identified as Noxy for so long but I desperately wanted something that would include the use of my full name. And one day Nokuthula Notes came to me, in the middle of the night with a glass of wine in hand, while watching an episode of Stranger Things. 


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