Proudest Moment

If I could put a crying emoji up here, that’s what I’d resort to for today. 

Wait maybe I actually can, here it is…


This is becoming a bit much. I haven’t sat down to think of what my proudest moment is, ever. The problem here is that the words this challenge has chosen, favourite or proudest, signify that one particular one must stand out. This only makes telling the story 25% harder. 

I’ve never boasted about an achievement publicly. I prefer to subtly express my pleasure. This is a bit ironic since yesterday I mentioned my desire to be celebrated. But don’t toot your own horn is a phrase I grew up around. So who should toot it? If my definition of success isn’t yours, you’ll never see the value in any of my moments. 

The challenge asks for the proudest moment but what it’s opened me up to, is realising that sometimes the smallest victories in life are more rewarding than the bigger milestones. I received my Masters degree with distinction. That’s something that made me feel quite pleased with myself, especially since I couldn’t see the light at the end of that tunnel, but the feeling I get when I read some of the posts I’ve written over the last year is incomparable. 

I’m proud of myself for this blog. I’m proud of the content I’ve been producing. The encouragement it’s given me to make myself the centre, to create my narrative, to tell my story. I’ve never been so free with my vulnerability. It’s definitely something for me to be proud of. Sometimes I can’t believe its stuff that’s come from me. 


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