5 Favourite Songs

Let’s go back to day 2 for just a second, I need to add a bonus fact about me.

**Bonus fact

21. I have major anxiety when I need to do something and circumstances are out of my control.

This is what I’ve been feeling all day since I hadn’t managed to post this up earlier. But what counts is that the day isn’t over.

I’m quite relieved this one is a little more chill. Here are some of my favourite songs in no particular order.

    1. Donell Jones — This Luv

94.87% of 90’s RnB songs are my favourite. It was this or Carl Thomas Summer Rain. The 90’s had good music.

2. Party Next Door — Break From Toronto

The only thing that would make this song better, is a longer version.

3. Beyoncé Knowles — XO

“Beyoncé Knowles! Female top vocalist!”

4. Drake — Karaoke

It’s a pity there isn’t actually a video for this song. But Drake doesn’t ever make amazing videos, so perhaps its not a complete pity.

5. Rihanna — Rudeboy

Let’s face it, a majority of you reading this knew this list would be incomplete without a Rihanna feature.

Till tomorrow xo.



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