10 Favourite Foods

In all my vegetarian-ness I’m still such a foodie. One reason I really enjoyed living in Cape Town was because of the food.  Anytime someone asks me what it’s like living there, before I complain about the weather, I start naming all the restaurants I think they should check out if they ever choose to visit. It’s forever my favourite city for food.

Besides my recent decision to cut meat out of my diet, I can be quite picky when it comes to what I eat. For as long as I can remember, I never ate bananas, I only started eating eggs last year and that’s still only omelettes. I don’t eat beetroot, I cringe if I mistakenly bite into a raw onion in some form of salad, so you’ll never hear me order onion rings. I won’t eat cantaloupe. I can’t think of anything else but you get the point, I’m pretty picky.

But here are 10 of my favourite foods:-

1. Pizza – my recent favourite would be spinach and feta or rocket and halloumi but always with avocado and sometimes mushrooms!
2. Sushi – a thousand times yes! Beluga and Big mouth are my favourite sushi spots in South Africa. Endless heaven!
3. Gourmet Burgers – these were mostly my favourite when I still ate meat. I’d spend majority of my weekends at The Hudsons Burger Joint. But now I make my own burgers! And they are to die for.
4. Mango, Grapes, Watermelon and Pineapples – my all time favourite fruits.
5. Popcorn WITH astros! Only with.
6. Thai Curries – I love a Green or Red Thai curry. Yes, just vegetables.
7. Snickers. Absolute favourite chocolate.
8. Prawns – with the new diet my “cheats” are always with seafood! Seafood platters make the world go round and round and prawns make sure it never stops.
9. Apple Crumble – favourite dessert. I’ll never say no to an apple crumble with custard or with ice-cream, I don’t mind.
10. Sweet Potato Fries!

Huh I thought 10 would be too many to come up with. To my surprise, I actually had more to share.


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