Favourite Childhood Book

Here’s the thing – if you want to know the way to my heart, buy me a book that I can get lost in (attach a snickers bar and a surprise vacation, and you’re pounding on the door. In fact, I might just leave it open for you). I’m serious. But the thing is about the books, I want to say it didn’t start out this way, but I’d be lying. It’s probably that I didn’t know way back then, when my dad was forcing me to read Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations at the ripe old age of seven, (and write a book report on it) that this was only the beginning of a love affair with books.

Great expectations and book reports aside, I became a child that had a number of favourite books. If you asked my mum what her guess on ‘favourite’ is, she’d most likely say anything by Enid Blyton (she bought me a few of those – The Famous Five especially). If you asked my sister I’m 100% sure she’d say the Sweet Valley series. Between the two of us we left no Sweet Valley book unturned (by the way anyone know the policy on a 15 year late-return library book?). And if you asked any of my childhood friends, they might guess Goosebumps.

The thing is, neither of these are wrong. All of the above were some of my favourite books growing up but there’s plenty more I could add on to that. I would HAVE to add Charlotte’s Web, Matilda (actually most of the books by Roald Dahl) a couple by Judy Blume and of course Dr Seuss. By 12/13 I was already reading Harry Potter. I was just that kid. One of my goals is to eventually open a library. Wait for it.


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