Thoughts on Education

I sort of wished today had asked me to address my thoughts on religion because I would have had plenty to share. But similarly to religion, I think of education as an institution designed to break boundaries. Both my parents have always emphasised the importance of having an education to me. Back in their day, the major ticket “out” was through a formal educational system. It was about what they could benefit from what they’d been taught.

Growing up, discussions around the dinner table emphasised the importance of doing well in school so you could do well in life. That was the simple solution to success. It was because of their circumstances, that they saw the value in that type of system.

Fast forward a few years, what I have learnt, through my own education, is that there’s a shift that has been created in part because the premise of ‘get a degree, find a job and you will make enough money to live’ doesn’t work anymore. Why do we (millennials) think a degree won’t make the difference? Because our circumstances are different. While I still believe in the importance of education, I’ve come to see things as more personalised. Most degrees don’t have a guaranteed return that make them worth it. It’s harder to differentiate between who you want to hire simply based on grades. Personality comes in to it too, and how does this play a role in education?

The rules no longer apply. What you know and who you are, are both important. Either way, education will always be the guide we use to find our way. Whether we want it to or not, it’s a base we use to strengthen personality. It brings consciousness to our lives in different ways. What we learn, experience and take in, forms the way we start to think about things. So it doesn’t matter in what form we get that, as long as we do. We tend to place an emphasis on a certain type of education and invalidate any other type, that occurs in a form different to what we’ve been taught to believe should be the norm. The importance of education for me is in being aware. The only way to be aware is to learn about everything.

I have a quote..

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”
― Albert Einstein

My mum shared this quote with me. What do you take that to mean? I reckon it means teach them to believe in the beauty of dreams. As children that’s the first thing we learn, which could be anything.


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