Favourite Blogs

Some people just have the most positive energy that comes through in their pictures. This is how I’ve casually come across people I consider my “favourite bloggers”. On Instagram. Most are actually photographers and documentaries.

I’m certain these ladies are my favourites because I’ve found myself reaching out to them on more than one occasion. They each have their own kind of infectious energy.

The first one I am quite literally obsessed with is Nneka Odum — nnekaj

She’s recently started a “Waste His Time Wednesday” #WHTW series over on YouTube for the ladies! You can check our her blog too (but I can’t seem to find the link right now), and she hasn’t put anything up there in a while despite my begging and pleading!

Next up, we have Frédérique Harrel, top UK blogger  — freddieharrel

Her personality is truly infectious, she is so carefree! It helps that she has the cutest french accent. Check out her blog. My favourite quote by her is “everything that makes me feel like I’m s*%!t at womanhood and/or life in general, is made up bullsh*!%t” You can also find her over on YouTube 🙂

Alexandra Elle is my bridge. — alexelle

She has the antidote for everything that has ever bruised my heart. Her blog link.

Valencia D. Clay — valencia_valencia

I recently just bought her book, “Soundless Cries Don’t Lead To Healing” – its literally the most interactive self-care book you don’t know you need. Check out Valencia here

Yagazie Emezi  — yagazieemezi 

Another carefree spirit. I think she’s so funny and so beautiful! I’m envious of her natural curls and her photographic documentaries make me want to travel to countries  I’d never considered, like Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Asiyami Gold  — asiyami_gold 

A crowd favourite! Her instagram feed is to die for. A lady who knows how to have fun, check out her blog. 

And last but not least, Zim Ugochukwu  — one word. travelnoire.


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