What Makes Me Sad? 

First, I’m sorry I didn’t have this up yesterday. My head has been upside down over the last 48 hours, I’m surprised I found a moment to sit down now to write this, I’m behind on a list of 200 things I need to do. But this is important to me. So even though I’m a little late, I had to get through Day 21 before I even do Day 22.

What makes me sad?

If it’s one thing I know, it’s somehow easier to talk about the things that pain us. Just yesterday someone told me not to bury my emotions alive. I have a habit of doing that. Passively dismissing something that affects me is my way of attempting to avoid the sadness it may bring with it. But my feeling on sadness is that it’s something we should always express. In our own ways, we all break.

I wanted to keep this challenge very light hearted. I didn’t expect to think about sadness how I’ve had to, to be as honest as possible for today. But the thing that keeps popping up in my mind on what makes me sad is wishing my late sister was still here today. I never know when it will visit but I can actually feel it in my chest and my stomach when that sadness visits. But sadness is temporary. When we give ourselves the room we need to hurt, we are able to move forward and make room for light.


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