What Qualities I Find Attractive..

You must be sick of my apologies, but I am sorry. I know I’ve fallen off on the challenge a bit. Insert another crying emoji! My head just hasn’t been in the right space. It’s like a writer celebrating finishing the first three chapters of their first novel, then losing their mind for the next two months. But I’m on vacation now. I’ve taken a short break to reset, restore, rejuvenate and rebalance, which has brought my mind back to a peaceful state, which has brought me back to the challenge. I was flipping through my pictures and I bumped in to the remaining topics, and I see I’ve missed, worst habits, if I won the lottery and qualities I find attractive. Today I’m meant to tell you what my biggest regret is… but I would prefer to tell you what qualities I find attractive in a man. So would you mind if I switched the two days? We can talk lottery wins, regrets and habits on day 31 s’il t plait!

On my journey, I spent a few hours reading a (profound) book called ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’ by Joseph Murphy (its theory reminds me of A Return To Love). As I was reading I found myself associating the power we have, in our capacity to choose, to how we choose in love and relationships. The book details how our conscious thoughts feed our subconscious mind, which is where our power is stored. Even with our jokes we tell ourselves what we desire from love, what we expect in love, what we think love should come dressed in, how it’s shaped, and should stay together. That constant thought process is in part what forms how we seek out a partner or behave in a loving relationships.

Our subconscious mind has taken the suggestion from our conscious thoughts, and simply cooperates to give us what we’re imprinting. He mentions how the subconscious mind cannot reason, therefore can’t dispute what it is told. Whatever information we provide, it accepts it as true. For years I’ve told myself I’m physically attracted to tall men, which led me to never paying attention to or considering anyone who wasn’t. The little girl dreaming inside of me, loved the idea of hugging on my tip toes. I also have funny, charming, patient, assertive, faithful, honest, generous, open and attentive on my “must have” list too. But my conscious mind must have also been telling me he was a dream.

Back to reality, I’ve stopped focusing on the kind of specific qualities I want in a partner, checking each one off my list each time I find that I am attracted to someone, but focus more on what that person would bring out in me. That’s the best part of a relationship, being with a partner who loves you in their own way, encourages freedom, vulnerability and an abundance of growth.


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