What’s In My Closet?

A lot of black. Black jeans, black leggings, black body suits, shirts, t-shirts, dresses. A lot of black. At one point I had to consciously tell myself not to buy anymore black. Even if I have anything else in my closet, say a denim shirt, pink dress or olive blouse, my automatic reach for something to wear is always something black. Black is safe.

I do own two pairs of white jeans. One ripped (my favourite). I must add here that TopShop jeans are my comfort. I have everything from their Jamie to Joni collection. So if you’re stuck on birthday gifts, my heart is warmed with a great pair of TopShop denims.

I had a phase where all I’d wear were sneakers, so I filled up my closet with a variety of those but my go to are my Chuck Taylor’s. I have two pairs, one black high top and one white low cut. The white pair goes everywhere with me. I don’t think I’ve ever left them anywhere. I run around in sweats all day, so I make sure I have at least two pairs in there.

When I feel like dressing up (lately not so often) I do have a wide selection of dresses and the heels to accompany them. But majority of my heels have become my Mon-Fri work attire to the point I need to stock up on more out of fear they’re slowly wearing out. That’s a possible hint for another gift idea.

What winter has brought to my attention is that I don’t have a lot of warm clothes. I see coats, cardigans, jerseys and jackets in there, but somehow they never seem to coordinate with whatever I choose to wear. At least I’ve made sure I own a few pairs of boots. One classy, one casual and one super grungy. I need more pumps though.

I want more print. I have material but no ideas of what I want to make out of it yet. So it’s just sitting there waiting. Scarfs, they’ve saved me plenty this winter. My summer holiday wardrobe is quite fun. My collection of swim wear grows each holiday. I have every colour bikini a woman needs except white. And a few crotchet tops to assimilate the island life.

I love to carry my “b%*!h I know you know” cap every where (people either find it funny or think I’m rude) and I recently purchased my first visor. What I need now is a summer hat, I did manage to secure a fascinator earlier in the year.

I’ve kept my bridesmaids dress for my sisters wedding, with the gown that says “dimples” to match. I can’t forget my Fenty Puma fur slides. I’m picky of when or where to wear them to, but they’re an absolute favourite. Another birthday gift idea if by now you’re really considering it.


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