Ideally I would have wanted to have posted this yesterday (it being the last day of July etc.) but today will have to do just fine (by now you’re tired of all my excuses).

If I had to judge my performance in this challenge, I would give myself an 8.2/10. If you think otherwise, we can discuss it in the comment section.

I’ll first say, I’m grateful I did this. It really was a challenge trying to have something posted up here every day, but it made me push myself beyond my limits. I would wake up everyday thinking, “what do I have to write today?” check the topic and start scribbling a few thoughts down. It became my morning routine. Even when it was a relatively challenging topic, I would make a commitment to stretch my mind through the day just to make sure I was able to share something. I would say this challenge occupied my mind in a healthy way.

What this challenge has shown me, is that despite my reluctance to “tell people about myself” I am in fact able to do so and in more words than one. I guess it just depends on where I’m willing to start and how deep I’m willing to go. I did miss most embarrassing moment, which would have been something fun to share except I couldn’t think of one in time (I’m sorry) and the final one being “hopes for the blog”, which I think are evident. It’s lifestyle, and I want that to grow in to writing about that a lot more. I have my travel posts coming up soon and a piece I’m writing on what I’ve recently learnt about fear, so even without this challenge, there’s always something to look forward to on here.

I found it a bit of a coincidence when Day 29 (my birthday) asked for “a confession”. I am eternally grateful to the universe that I was so preoccupied, with no time at all to write anything, because what could I possibly confess on here that wouldn’t have me murdered either by a friend, an ex or a member of my family? We can save that for another season.

But before I go, I have to say thank you to everyone who encouraged me to do this, to keep going and never forgot to remind me, when I’d missed a mark, that there was still something missing online. Each of you made this experience worth it.

Thank you all for indulging me. Here’s to an abundance of blessings in this new month!


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